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Construction That’s Always on Time, Always on Budget

If you have a commercial, residential or government construction project, you can rely on DuBois Construction, Inc. DCI is known all over Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Colorado, and Delaware for our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and timely completion of every job we’re awarded.

Choose Dubois Construction and you’re assured:

Extraordinary value

At DCI, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality product for the lowest cost possible. By keeping overhead at a minimum, we deliver excellence at very competitive prices.  

A hands-on approach

We evaluate each construction project on a daily basis and work closely with our subcontractors to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise.  

Experience you can trust

DCI has been in business since September 1992. We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations— and they reward us with repeat business.

Call DCI (410) 944-7643

“ DuBois Construction completed all work on or ahead of schedule while maintaining an excellent relationship with all people involved. They provided solutions to assist in cost savings, utilize quality sub-contractors and develop/maintain schedules to accommodate staff, students and school site schedules.”

-Michael Schmidt

Department of Facilities Management, CIP Contract Office Rockville, MD

Dubois Construction  Spring/Summer 2015 Projects Include:

  • SSA 1st Floor, Woodlawn, MD
  • Edward A. Garmatz United States Courthouse, MD
  • WRAIR Sleep Study Department Kitchen, MD
  • SSA Warehouse, Hanover and Woodlawn, MD
  • DHS Conference Room, Washington, DC
  • CMS Childcare Cameras, Woodlawn, MD
  • CMS Keypad in Media Control Room, Woodlawn, MD
  • Montgomery County Public Schools